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Voice/Data Communications Engineer III



•  Support the delivery, incorporation, and adding of new AV/VTC equipment as well as providing installation services that conform to established and approved AV/VTC designs and plans

•  Provide consistent and complete follow-up on any program issue pertaining to the ordering/procurement, configuration, installation and support for new AV/VTC equipment

•  Manage any customer issues pertaining to the coordinating, service delivery and support

•  Lead the team providing AV/VTC hardware to an IT enterprise with a DoD-focused customer base

•  Work collaboratively with the Government to identify the specific requirements of each AV/VTC installation requirement which may include scoping requirements such as Rough Order of Magnitudes/Quotes that breaks down the specific required hardware and labor needs, installation schedule and work statement

•  Support the team to ensure preparation of relevant documentation for AV/VTC installation and deployment projects

•  Ensure equipment is installed to meet all installation SLAs to include mandated security requirements

•  Provide prompt and accurate internal reporting of customer expectations and issues, program timing and any information vital to the reputation, service and satisfaction of our customers

Required Qualifications

- TS Clearance

- BA/BS Degree

- 10-15 Years Experience

- Certification - Security+

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