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When it comes to conference room there are a wide variety of size, style and capabilities to choose. How the room presents itself all depends on the design from start to finish.  AVIT can put together a plan for you that fits your budget and suites your needs.  Whether it is a basic turnkey solution or a grand scale package we get it done the right way.

We will have an experienced project manager come to your location to discuss options and present possibilities for your project.  It is always important for AVIT to see and experience what you as a cusomer are envisioning so that we can do everything possible to fulfill  that vision.  This is way we take extra time and provide the personal attention we know you deserve.

Multi-functional conference rooms

IP Interoperability (IPICS)

Needs assessment and analysis

Lighting integration and control

Rack/cabinet Installation

Acoustic assessment and function modeling

Testing and Certification

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